Below are the options that are available for this shortcode and their default values. A hash (#) indicates a required value.
'type' => 'three-col', // three-col, two-col, large, grid
'cats' => '', // Category IDs e.g. 54,32,12
'col_height' => '',
'image_width' => '',
'image_height' => '',
'per_page' => '9',
'orderby' => 'date', // date, title, random
'order' => 'desc', // desc, asc
'excerpt_length' => '50', // 0 to disable
'title' => 'true', // true, false,
'read_more' => 'true',
'shadow' => 'none', // none, shadow-xs, shadow-s, shadow-m, shadow-l, shadow-xl
'reflection' => 'none', // none, reflection-s, reflection-m, reflection-l
'pagination' => 'true' // true, false,
'preload' => 'false' // false, true

And this is what you should insert into your posts and pages…
[[portfolio type="three-col" cats="" col_height="" image_width="" image=_height="" per_page="9" orderby="date" order="desc" excerpt_length="50" title="true" shadow="none" reflection="none" pagination="true" preload="false" /]]

[portfolio type=”three-col” cats=”” col_height=”” per_page=”3″ orderby=”date” order=”desc” excerpt_length=”50″ title=”true” shadow=”shadow-s” reflection=”reflection-m” pagination=”false” preload=”true” /]

[[portfolio type="three-col" cats="" col_height="" per_page="3" orderby="date" order="desc" excerpt_length="50" title="true" shadow="shadow-s" reflection="reflection-m" pagination="false" /]]

[portfolio type=”grid” cats=”” col_height=”” per_page=”3″ orderby=”date” order=”desc” excerpt_length=”0″ title=”true” shadow=”shadow-s” reflection=”reflection-s” pagination=”false” /]

[[portfolio type="grid" cats="" col_height="" per_page="3" orderby="date" order="desc" excerpt_length="0" title="true" shadow="shadow-s" reflection="reflection-s" pagination="false" /]]

[portfolio type=”large” cats=”” col_height=”” per_page=”2″ orderby=”date” order=”desc” excerpt_length=”100″ title=”true” shadow=”shadow-m” reflection=”none” pagination=”false” /]

[[portfolio type="large" cats="" col_height="" per_page="2" orderby="date" order="desc" excerpt_length="100" title="true" shadow="shadow-m" reflection="none" pagination="false" /]]

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