Here are a collection of music videos taken from live performances over the course of my musical career.  The videos are from Toronto and New York and include songs from my debut album BARE as well as other songs that have been written since then but have not been recorded.

PROMISE ME FOREVER was the song I performed for a Japanese Talent Contest.  The band included Greg Schiff on drums, Tim Raby on rhythm guitar and Kevin Murphy on lead guitar.

OBVIOUS is one of my favourite originals. This was a great arrangement by my band in Toronto at the time.  The band included Fernando Tavares, Vince LaViola, Hernani Raposo and Steve Tattersal.  This footage was taken from my Wedding Gala where I performed a few new songs for my friends and family.

CROSS MY HEART is an original work.  This video was taken at a LOFT party in Brooklyn.

THEN I MET YOU is one of my originals which was inspired by watching Sheryl Crow at the Memphis Blues Festival.  This was a little performance I did at my wedding reception. It is a different arrangement than I usually use but it’s a nice change.

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