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Great advice! Now what?!

Great advice! Now what?!

Motivational Musings

It is easy to give advice. When it is time to take advice, however, it is difficult to remove yourself from the situation and have a clear view on how to move forward. It is for this reason that psychologists and psychiatrists have their own therapist and doctors do not diagnose themselves, or rather should not. When facing any difficulties, it is helpful to get an outside opinion in order to get ... Read More »

The Anti-Gravity Room

Hosting / YTV

The Anti-Gravity Room was a show about comic books and video games. It was produced by YTV in Canada, and aired on the Sci-Fi Channel in the US. It had an array of guest hosts including Kevin Smith, Ben Stiller and of course, Patricia Ribeiro.       Read More »

Forgiveness begins within.

Forgiveness begins within.

Motivational Musings / Uncategorized

  Making a better life is challenging.  You may be doing everything right.  You are living in the moment, appreciating the things you have and making small changes towards reaching your goals.  However, you can still feel like you are walking against the tide.  On those days, there will occasionally be setbacks.  You may slip into old habits or have an emotional meltdown.  It is OK. It happen... Read More »

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